Wambugu Apple has officially launched its cutting-edge packing and grading facility, boasting an impressive capacity of 10 tonnes per hour.

Located at Infinity Industrial Park along Nairobi’s Eastern Bypass, this state-of-the-art pack house is poised to operate continuously, catering to the escalating demands of the growing fruit market and bolstering export activities.

During the inauguration ceremony, Kate Wambugu, Director and ambassador at Wambugu Apple, took a reflective journey back to her early years, drawing inspiration from her father, Mr. Wambugu, the pioneer behind the unique Wambugu Apple.

A section of the warehouse at Infinity Industrial Park along the Eastern Bypass. Image: courtesy.
A section of the warehouse at Infinity Industrial Park along the Eastern Bypass. Image: courtesy.

Having actively participated in the growth and success of the Wambugu Apple venture, Kate reminisced the journey that she had seen the farm take over the years.

“I grew up witnessing my father propagate apples, cultivate them, and establish this exceptional variety that bears fruit throughout the year,” she said.

This commitment necessitated her father’s constant pursuit of markets amid significant losses, eventually leading to the official registration of the apple under the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate (Kephis) as Wambugu Apple.

Presently, more than 2,500 farmers in Kenya, as well as those in over 36 other countries across Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia, cultivate Wambugu Apples.

“This packhouse directly addresses these challenges, providing an efficient and effective platform for post-harvest management in line with my father’s vision for Wambugu Apple,” said Ms Wambugu.

Matthew Njenga, Chairman of the Kenya Apple Growers and Exporters Association (KAGEA), underlined the packing line’s remarkable throughput of 10-15 tonnes per hour, ensuring efficiency in the processing and packaging of various fruits.

The facility, the first of its kind in Africa, stands out for its capability to grade and pack a diverse range of fruits, including avocados, apples, mangoes, passion fruit, peaches, pears, apricots, and tomatoes.

Financed through a $500,000 loan from Diamond Trust Bank, this groundbreaking investment not only enhances the economic prospects of farmers but also champions environmentally conscious farming practices.

The warehouse’s operation is a major step towards a sustainable and streamlined solution for farmers and distributors alike.

Wambugu Apples aims to become a hub for value addition, exploring opportunities to process and package fruit-based products.