Billionaire Jaswant Rai has been freed by his abductors two days after he was hijacked, the family lawyer has confirmed.

Lawyer Kioko Kilukumi said on Sunday evening that the business mogul had safely been freed and safely joined his family.

Mr Rai was reported missing on Friday by his family and police had already opened investigations on his whereabouts.

A video provided by the family showed Mr Rai, who owns Kabras Sugar, Olepito, Naitiri and Sukari, being abducted by unknown people in Kilimani and moved to a waiting car that sped off.

The motive of his abduction is not clear as no details have been issued in regard to what transpired on Friday.

Mr Rai had last been seen in public on Tuesday last week when he attended a stakeholder meeting organised by the Agriculture and Food Authority.

The mogul ramped up its production capacity last year after commissioning the Bungoma-based Naitiri Sugar, which has so far added at least 6,000 tonnes of the sweetener to the market daily.