South Sudan will continue using the Port of Mombasa for cargo shipments, as Nairobi and Juba collaborate to revive the construction of the crucial Nadapal Road linking the port to the landlocked nation.

Kenya’s Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen recently engaged in discussions with his South Sudanese counterpart, Simon Mijak, focusing on advancing the completion of the Mombasa-Nadapal-Juba road.

This initiative is poised to significantly enhance the connectivity of the port of Mombasa along the crucial northern corridor keeping the hopes of South Sudan using the Mombasa port alive.

Notably, South Sudan had previously expressed intentions to distance itself from the northern corridor and even obtained land from Djibouti for the construction of a dry port project.

CS Murkomen highlighted that the meeting addressed the previously stalled construction of the crucial road.

Mr Murkomen underscored the mutual agreement to collaborate and ensure the tarmacking of the road into bitumen.

The CS revealed that both the World Bank and the African Development Bank have expressed interest in financing the project.

The delay in its completion was attributed to security concerns in the Nadapal area. To overcome these challenges, Mr Murkomen explained that, under the directive of their respective leaders, they decided to separate border conflict issues from infrastructure development.

This move aims to expedite the road’s completion, thereby boosting trade between the two nations.

In response, Mr Mijak emphasised the road’s significance for transporting people and goods, envisioning a crucial role in connecting Central Africa.