Fuel prices have experienced a significant decrease in the latest review, shortly after President William Ruto hinted at a potential reduction in costs.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has slashed the price of super petrol by Ksh7.21, diesel by Ksh5.09, and kerosene by Ksh4.49.

In Nairobi, a litre of super petrol will now be priced at Ksh199.15, diesel at Ksh190.38 per litre, and kerosene at Ksh188.74 per litre.

While addressing the public in Kericho on Thursday, Dr Ruto stated that Kenyans should anticipate a reduction in the cost of fuel as a result of an upcoming review by EPRA.

“We have already tackled the dollar exchange rate matter, and today, the price of fuel is expected to decrease further,” he said.