Kenya Airways has expanded its codeshare collaboration with South African Airways (SAA), incorporating non-stop flights from South Africa to South America.

Commencing this month, passengers can now enjoy a seamless travel experience to Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a single ticket, as Kenya Airways codeshares on the recently reintroduced South African Airways flight to Sao Paulo (GRU).

This alliance establishes unprecedented connectivity, presenting the most direct flight choice from the region, diverging from existing routes that commonly involve layovers in the Middle East, Europe, or North America.

The partnership, founded on a mutual commitment to enhancing connectivity and elevating passenger satisfaction, combines the strengths of two African airlines.

Highlighting flexibility, convenience, and traveler options, the collaboration offers a superior alternative for those traveling between Africa and South America.

Notably, the link between South Africa and South America through this alliance emerges as the most direct, contributing to a reduction in the overall carbon footprint and supporting sustainability in air travel.

“Customers will now benefit from an expanded strategic cooperation, providing improved connectivity and a superior joint offering. Together, we are committed to delivering passengers unmatched travel options, world-class services, and an expanded global reach,” said Julius Thairu, Chief Commercial and Customer Officer at KQ.

Mr Thairu said the partnership guarantees seamless onward connectivity, allowing passengers to undergo an integrated travel experience from Kenya Airways’ network to South African Airways’ South American network, all within a single ticket.

Travelers will experience simplified logistics, decreased layover durations, and an overall enhanced travel journey from Kenya to Brazil.