Kenya Airways and airBaltic (BT) have signed an interline agreement aimed at elevating travel options between Africa and the Baltic countries, offering passengers enhanced connectivity and convenience.

The collaboration between these two carriers promises a host of benefits for travelers seeking to explore Europe and Africa.

airBaltic, the national carrier of Latvia, has carved a notable niche for itself both within the Baltics and on the international stage, with an extensive network that spans over 70 destinations across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caucasus, the has emerged as a top player in the EU.

Under this newly-forged interline agreement, Kenya Airways is set to expand its European footprint by leveraging key hubs such as Amsterdam, Paris, and Dubai.

This strategic partnership also paves the way for airBaltic passengers to seamlessly book through tickets to Nairobi, unlocking a myriad of travel possibilities.

These travelers will have the privilege of enjoying hassle-free connections to Kenya Airways’ extensive network, spanning destinations in Africa, including but not limited to Uganda, Tanzania, Seychelles, Mauritius, and South Africa, among various other regional points across the continent.

“This partnership presents us with a unique opportunity to expand our reach within Europe, diversify our route offerings, and enhance the overall travel experience for our customers,” said Julius Thairu, Chief Commercial and Customer Officer of Kenya Airways.

“Our primary goal is to provide seamless connectivity options for Kenya Airways passengers, empowering them with a broader spectrum of travel choices across Europe.”

Thomas Ramdahl, Senior Vice President of Network Management at airBaltic, added his perspective on the partnership, remarking, “To offer our passengers greater flexibility and a richer array of travel options, we are delighted to collaborate with Kenya Airways. Through our combined efforts, we can ensure that our travelers experience seamless connectivity and an expanded array of choices when booking their journeys between Africa and the Baltics.”

Kenya Airways and airBaltic say this collaboration will redefine the travel experience, introducing new levels of convenience and opportunities for passengers while fostering stronger ties between Kenya and Latvia.

This interline agreement marks a significant step towards enhancing global connectivity, underscoring the commitment of both carriers to providing passengers with a good travel experience that bridges continents and cultures.