Kenya’s anti-trust body is set to make history by hosting the International Competition Network (ICN) advocacy workshop, a prestigious event that has never before been held on the African continent.

The Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) will achieve a major milestone by hosting a crucial meeting on the global calendar. This event will involve dynamic discussions aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of ICN members in advocating for the dissemination of competition principles and fostering the development of a robust competition culture.

The ICN Advocacy Workshop serves as a platform for global engagement, bringing together competition agencies, legal experts, economists, academics, and non-governmental advisors.

Scheduled as a biennial event, the Advocacy Workshop plays a crucial role in achieving its objectives by creating practical tools and guidance, as well as fostering experience-sharing among ICN member agencies.

The upcoming 2024 ICN Advocacy Workshop will delve into the theme of “Bouncing Back: Competition Advocacy and Resilience to Global Shocks.”

“We intend to unpack the role of advocacy in advancing the goals of competition law enforcement, thereby supporting the recovery of economies from disruptions, such as pandemics, economic downturns, and extended period supply chain constraints,” said CAK boss Adano Roba.

The event is scheduled to take place at the Emara Ole-Sereni Hotel in Nairobi on February 22–23, 2024. Notable participants will include key stakeholders from competition authorities worldwide, including the United States’ Federal Trade Commission and the Comesa Competition Commission (CCC).

This landmark workshop follows closely on the heels of another significant competition conference held in Kenya, the second of its kind on the African continent, sponsored by Consumer International and CCC.

The workshop is poised to elevate the discourse on competition advocacy and resilience to unprecedented heights, making Africa a focal point for shaping the future of global competition policies.