In the face of diminishing bean quality as the current crop cycle reaches its conclusion, the Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) has reported a substantial 30 percent decline in the value of coffee sales.

The aggregate worth of all coffee grades during the recent auction session has dwindled to $691,391, marking a notable reduction from the $998,115 achieved in the preceding sale.

According to data sourced from the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, the most recent market report reveals that a bag of coffee, auctioned at the exchange, commanded a price of $194, down from the $197 it garnered in the previous sale.

The previous sale had seen a surge in prices, driven by heightened buyer demand, fueled by a supply shortage that compelled the NCE to postpone some of its weekly sales in an effort to accumulate a more substantial inventory for trading purposes.

Following the acquisition of sufficient coffee volumes, the auction successfully resumed trading last Tuesday.

In a noteworthy development, Kenya’s premium coffee-grade AA experienced a slight uptick in the latest sale, with a 50-kilogram bag fetching $235, compared to $232 in the earlier sale.

Concurrently, Grade AB, recognised for its high quality, recorded an increase in value, as a bag now commands $217, a significant rise from the previous price of $202.