Eminent persons from government, business, and civil society will be assembling in Nairobi this week for the Consumers International Global Congress 2023, where important discussions on policy formulation, best practices, and accountability to safeguard global consumers are set to unfold.

With over 300 attendees expected to attend, this international gathering serves as the premier platform uniting leading consumer organisations, governmental bodies, businesses, civil society, and academia.

Leaders will deliberate on critical consumer-centric issues, including the cost of living, sustainable consumption, energy transitions, food systems, digital rights, and the future landscape of finance.

Helena Leurent, Director-General of Consumers International, stressed the unique opportunity the Global Congress offers to portray a comprehensive view of the global consumer experience and to strategise impactful solutions.

“As we step into 2024, the dual challenges of climate and post-pandemic crises persist, affecting both the planet and individuals within the marketplace,” she stated.

The second occurrence of this conference in Africa is made possible through collaboration with the Competition Authority of Kenya and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Competition Commission.

Key topics to be explored include policy measures essential for assisting individuals in managing the cost of living, ensuring access to basic needs, promoting sustainable living, transitioning to clean energy, and ensuring the sourcing of sustainable and healthy food.

Contemporary marketplace challenges, such as consumer protection in the era of artificial intelligence and cross-border data flows, will also be under scrutiny.

The Congress aims to launch joint calls and global initiatives that unite the consumer movement, government, and businesses to combat scams, enhance the food system, enable effective redress, and amplify the consumer voice in international forums.

Valuable consumer insights for the upcoming year will be unveiled, accompanied by case studies spotlighting innovative practices in global energy and finance systems.

Dr. Adano Roba, Acting Director General of the Competition Authority of Kenya, expressed pride in supporting the Global Congress, highlighting its role in addressing pressing issues affecting consumer welfare globally.

Willard Mwemba, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the COMESA Competition Commission, underscored the continent’s commitment to consumer protection, stating that the event serves as a foundation to elevate demands for consumer welfare and bolster competition for the benefit of consumers and economies alike.