A German recruiting consultancy firm is gearing up to interview a group of talented young Kenyans possessing technical and vocational skills to fill various roles in their country.

This initiative is a crucial component of a labor migration program, forged in partnership between the Kenyan government and Germany.

The wheels of this collaboration were set in motion when Ezekiel Machogu, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, conducted consultations with Volker Falchi, the managing director of the BBW Group, a vocational education and training company.

During the meeting, Mr Machogu said Kenya has honed a pool of highly skilled young individuals with the technical competence and expertise required to excel anywhere in the world.

He said the government’s commitment to building a robust Technical Vocational and Training system with a strong training foundation, aimed at meeting the precise needs of various industries.

Mr Falchi, on the other hand, expressed his firm’s ambition to recruit approximately 250,000 individuals from around the globe to fulfill diverse roles in Germany.

He specifically underscored the desire to incorporate Kenyan talent within this 250,000-strong workforce, addressing Germany’s human resource requirements.

To qualify as a potential candidate, Mr Falchi stressed the necessity for candidates to exhibit the right work ethic, a willingness to learn the German language, and the essential technical competencies and skills demanded by German industries.

Furthermore, Falchi emphasised the symbiotic relationship between investment and a skilled workforce, asserting that a nation can’t attract or invest in the industry without adequately skilled labor.

In support of this vision, he spoke about the importance of an educational and training environment that promotes critical thinking.

Such an environment, he said, empowers students to not only acquire knowledge and competencies during their educational journey but also to apply and multiply these skills within the workplace.

The initial areas of interest within this labor migration programme encompass fields such as electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, welding and fabrication, and mechatronics.