CNH Industrial EMEA, an agricultural machinery manufacturer headquartered in the Netherlands, has announced plans to expedite collaboration with the Kenyan government and private sector stakeholders as part of their commitment to bolster agricultural mechanization efforts in Kenya.

CNH Industrial EMEA and CMC officials during the event. Image: courtesy.
CNH Industrial EMEA and CMC officials during the event. Image: courtesy.

President Carlo Alberto Sisto revealed the company’s strategic move to expand its presence in the African agriculture sector by partnering with companies that cater to farmers’ needs and the Kenyan government.

The ultimate goal of the initiative is to enhance food security and facilitate technology transfer. Mr. Alberto announced this during a training camp hosted by CMC Motors in Nairobi, stressing the company’s ongoing collaboration with CMC Motors and its forthcoming talks with the Kenyan government.

CMC Motors, a Kenyan automotive company, shifted its focus from the passenger vehicle market to tractors and agriculture-related initiatives, paving the way for CNH Industrial EMEA’s collaboration with them.

Under the brand “New Holland,” the Netherlands-based company aims to strengthen its role in the African agricultural sector, primarily by supplying essential machinery to boost food production.

Mr Alberto affirmed that his company has already initiated discussions with the Kenyan government with the objective of expanding agriculture mechanisation to increase food production.

He acknowledged that Africa possesses vast arable land, a young population, and a favorable climate, offering a unique opportunity for agricultural growth.

However, a lack of technical knowledge and resources has hindered the realisation of this potential.

He talked about his company’s commitment to working with key partners who have direct connections with farmers.

Sakib Eltaff, the Managing Director of CMC Motors, stated that the company’s shift towards the agriculture sector is geared towards addressing current challenges, providing essential training, and empowering emerging and medium-scale farmers.

He outlined the partnership between CMC Motors and CNH Industrial EMEA, which is aimed at doubling farm yield production in the next decade, reversing the trend of declining farm yields, ensuring sustainable income for farmers, and offering service clinics to extend equipment lifespan.

Furthermore, Mr. Eltaff disclosed that CMC Motors has also partnered with the Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organisation , the World Food Programme , and the Food to Market Alliance (FTMA) to provide farmers with the latest agricultural technology and knowledge. These partnerships aim to empower growers to maximize the potential of their land, thereby contributing to food security and economic development.