Coffee prices increased marginally at the auction on the back of a fair demand from buyers as trading resumed this week.

Market data from the Nairobi Coffee Exchange shows a 50-kilo bag of the beverage fetched $189 up from the previous sale where it attracted $186.

During the sale, 227,700 kilogrammes of coffee were offered for sale down from 237,215 witnessed in the previous sale.

The decline highlights the shortage of beans in the country as the auction struggles to sustain weekly sales due to scarcity of coffee.

Last week’s coffee sale was suspended after the auction failed to raise enough beans to sustain the trade.

The auction resumed on Tuesday this week after receiving enough volumes to warrant trading.

Sale 31 at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, which was to be held on Tuesday failed to take off for lack of enough beans to sample.

Kenya’s premium coffee-grade AA recorded a decline during the sale with a bag fetching $243 down from $249 in sale 30 held on August 15, 2023.

Grade AB, which is ranked second in terms of quality, also recorded a marginal decline in value with a bag fetching $202 down from $206 previously.