The coffee auction recorded a robust 62 percent surge in total sales this week, buoyed by substantial volumes that mitigated a marginal price decline, according to market data from the Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE).

The overall value of the beverage soared from $5 million in the previous sale to $8.1 million.

Despite a dip in the price per 50-kilo bag from $251 in the previous week to $247 in the current sale, the total earnings demonstrated resilience.

This impressive performance was propelled by a significant increase in the volumes offered for sale, rising from 16,468 bags in the earlier sale to 27,043 bags in the current auction.

The driving force behind this bullish trend can be attributed to robust demand from buyers, fueled by a global market shortage further intensified by stockpiling activities undertaken by influential producers.

Projections indicate a persistent tightening of Robusta coffee supplies, with reports suggesting that Vietnamese farmers, leaders in Robusta production, strategically withhold their produce in anticipation of more favorable prices.

Kenya’s premier coffee-grade AA witnessed a notable spike in value, with a 50-kilo bag now commanding $328, compared to the previous sale’s $320.

Similarly, Grade AB, the second-tier in terms of quality, experienced an uptick, fetching $257 per bag, up from the preceding $254.

The coffee market continues to showcase resilience and positive trends despite fluctuations in individual price points.