The regional competition watchdog has teamed up with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA) to supercharge regional integration.

In this game-changing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the Comesa Competition Commission (CCC) and UN-ESCWA have laid down the groundwork for a dynamic partnership.

Together, they’re set to turbocharge regional integration, economic development, and social progress across Arab countries that are also Comesa members.

UN-ESCWA boasts of countries like Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Tunisia – with some of these nations being part of the Comesa bloc.

CCC chief executive officer Willard Mweba. Image: courtesy.
CCC chief executive officer Dr Willard Mwemba. Image: courtesy.

In 2022, Arab countries made a power move by establishing the Arab Competition Network, propelling regional cooperation and the harmonisation of competition policies and enforcement. The CCC has been the driving force behind competition law in Arab Comesa countries.

Some of this collaboration has been made possible through a memorandum of understanding that has enhanced collaboration and cooperation.

An example is the MoU signed with the Egyptian Competition Authority in 2016. The CCC is also at an advanced stage of signing an MoU with the Tunisia Competition Council.

The MoU signed with UN-ESCWA seeks to enable the exchange of information relating to competition policy and enforcement; capacity building to enhance the competencies of competition authorities and stakeholders in Arab countries; collaboration in research and analysis; assessment of new developments in competition-related issues.

Others are sharing expertise; joint advocacy and awareness activities to raise consciousness about the benefits of competition and consumer protection; promoting a culture of fair competition; and providing guidance to businesses and consumers in the Arab region.

CCC is a specialised agency established by the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa to promote competition and protect consumers in the Comesa region.

Comesa is a regional organisation comprising 21 African member states, with a goal of creating a single market for goods and services in Eastern and Southern Africa, similar to the European Union’s single market concept.