CARE Kenya has unveiled its latest strategy, designed to uplift the lives of 5.5 million individuals in Kenya’s most vulnerable and excluded communities.

Crafted through extensive research and collaboration, this strategy marks a major milestone in the ongoing mission to eradicate poverty and promote gender equality.

Key components of the strategy include a robust rights-based approach towards safeguarding the well-being, health, and voices of women and girls, implementing climate-smart and locally-led initiatives, and fostering enterprise for sustainable development.

By incorporating cutting-edge technology and the collective expertise of CARE Kenya’s team, partners, and communities, the organisation is confident that this initiative will not only meet but surpass the evolving needs and expectations of its beneficiaries.

“We are setting a bold vision for the future, focusing on gender equality and community-led initiatives,” said Leah Kaguara, the Country Director of CARE Kenya.

The launch event was graced by Josephine Obonyo, representing Aisha Jumwa, the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Gender, Culture, The Arts, and Heritage.

“This strategy represents a beacon of hope and CARE Kenya’s unwavering commitment to empowering women and girls across Kenya,” said Dr Obonyo.