Canada is contemplating the imposition of a limit on the count of international students permitted to reside in the country, joining the UK and Australia in tightening immigration rules that are set to hit Kenyan students.

CTV quotes Canada’s Immigration Minister Marc Miller disclosing the intended move by the country to limit the number of foreign students.

This decision comes amidst government criticism of the housing affordability crisis. Given Canada’s reliance on immigration to propel its economy and support an aging population, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been progressively increasing annual immigration rates.

Canada, the UK and Australia have become one of the favourite destinations for Kenyan students who have in recent days flocked these countries for both education and part-time jobs.

Among the proposed measures by Australia are heightened minimum English-language requirements for international students and increased scrutiny for those seeking a second visa, necessitating proof that further study would advance their academic or career aspirations.

Last week, the United Kingdom implemented strict requirements for African students who wish to study in Britain.

As part of these stringent measures, new overseas students entering the UK from January 1 onward will no longer have the option to bring family members with them, a policy shift underscored by the UK as the government’s proactive stance on migration reduction.

The surge in migrants and international students has been implicated in exacerbating the housing crisis in Canada by escalating demand for homes, coinciding with a slowdown in construction due to inflation, according to authorities.

In an interview with CTV Question Period, Miller conveyed that the Liberal government is exploring the possibility of imposing a cap on international students during the first and second quarters of the current year.

CTV quotes Miller expressing concern about the sheer volume of international students in Canada, characterising it as a system that has spiraled out of control.

Official statistics indicate a substantial increase in the number of foreign students with active visas, surpassing 800,000 in 2022, compared to 275,000 in 2012.