The National Irrigation Authority (NIA) board has chosen Charles Mutinda Muasya to assume the role of Chief Executive Officer for the agency, marking the culmination of his year-long stint as the acting CEO.

The board underscored the rigor of the selection process, revealing that numerous candidates underwent interviews for the position.

Eng Muasya distinguished himself by securing the top spot with an impressive score of 85.13 percent, showcasing his exceptional qualifications for the role.

Eng Muasya’s journey within the NIA includes serving as the Deputy General Manager in charge of Infrastructure and Irrigation Development.

His ascendancy to the CEO position occurred after the previous head, Gitonga Mugambi, was appointed as the Principal Secretary last year.

In a communication dated November 28, 2023, the Ministry of Water had also officially endorsed Eng Muasya’s appointment.

CEO of National Irrigation Authority Charles Muasya. Image: courtesy.
CEO of National Irrigation Authority Charles Muasya. Image: courtesy.

The ministry cited his extensive experience and robust technical background as compelling reasons for his selection, affirming the strategic vision he brings to the role.

Noteworthy candidates in the selection process included Joel Kepkemboi Tanui, Charles Mutinda Muasya, and Nesline Ogwe Akoth.

Eng Muasya led the pack with an impressive score of 85.13 percent, followed closely by Tanui at 83.90 percent, and Akoth at 63.00 percent.

Eng Muasya’s appointment is poised to bring continuity and expertise to the National Irrigation Authority, further solidifying the agency’s role to advancing irrigation infrastructure and sustainable development in the country.

Eng Muasya holds a master’s degree in civil engineering with experience in the field that spans over 26 years.