President Joe Biden has thanked his Kenyan counterpart William Ruto for Kenya’s pivotal role in responding to Haiti’s urgent call for assistance as the lead nation of the Multinational Security Support (MSS) Mission.

In a telephone conversation released by the White House on Tuesday, Mr Biden said he was grateful for the decision taken by Nairobi.

The two leaders celebrated the positive outcome of the recent United Nations Security Council vote, which officially authorised the MSS to provide much-needed relief to the people of Haiti, who have endured a prolonged period of suffering due to the menace of violent criminals.

Kenya is set to send its police officers to Haiti to help restore order in the Caribbean nation, a move that has been greeted by criticism back at home.

The UN Security Council on Monday endorsed the deployment of the MSS Mission to Haiti, paving the way for countries that have pledged to send their police to this mission to do so. The resolution (2699/23) was endorsed by 13 of the 15-member Council.

In addition to discussing the Haiti mission, President Biden took a moment to commend President Ruto for his remarkable efforts in hosting the recently concluded Africa Climate Transition Summit.

The US President expressed deep gratitude for the enduring strategic partnership between the United States and Kenya, underpinned by a shared commitment to finding solutions to pressing global challenges.

During their conversation, both leaders delved into a comprehensive agenda aimed at further enhancing regional security and fostering mutual prosperity.

They explored avenues to stimulate new investments, generate employment opportunities, and sustain economic growth in both nations, recognising the immense potential that their partnership holds in achieving these goals.