Nyeri coffee demonstrated its unparalleled quality in this week’s auction, securing the top position with an outstanding kilo of the highest grade commanding an impressive price of Ksh1,700 ($12) – the highest value in the 2023/24 season.

Particularly of note was the performance of Gichathaini Factory’s coffee from Nyeri County, as a 50-kilogramme bag fetched an exceptional $600 (Ksh85,200) during the sale.

Gichathaini Factory, a key player in the auction, presented 42 bags of its premium produce, contributing significantly to the overall proceeds of Ksh3.5 million ($25,000) in this week’s Tuesday sale.

The value from Gichathaini alone constituted 2.5 percent of the total $1 million generated by grade AA coffee at the auction.

According to the market report by the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, the pinnacle of prices for the 2023-24 season was achieved during the 16th sale held on Tuesday.

“The best price for Season 2023-24 was Achieved during sale 16. 42 bags of AA fetched $600 per 50kg bag translating to a gross of $12 per kilo,” said NCE in the market report.

Despite a marginal decline, this week’s auction maintained a favourable range, recording an average price of $244 compared to the previous sale’s $247.

The coffee market, demonstrating resilience and positive trends, continues to navigate fluctuations in individual price points.

Projections in the market point towards a continual tightening of Robusta coffee supplies. Reports suggest that Vietnamese farmers, renowned leaders in Robusta production, strategically withhold their produce, anticipating more favorable prices in the near future.