The Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) is pushing for the standardisation of packaging materials for exported avocados, responding to concerns raised by China and India regarding the inconsistency in consignments.

Cornelly Serem, the Chair of the Authority, says the top markets for Kenya’s produce demand uniformity in shipments originating from the country.

To address these concerns, the Kenya Bureau of Standards is poised to unveil new packaging guidelines specifically tailored for the export of avocados in the upcoming season.

The Food and Agriculture Authority revealed that both China and India have expressed apprehensions regarding the packaging of Kenyan avocado consignments, citing perceived compromises in quality.

Upon completion of the packaging regulations, a significant shift is anticipated in how farmers package avocados.

The guidelines will mandate the grouping of fruits of similar size and shape into a single container, aiming to ensure a consistent and standardised presentation of Kenyan avocados in the global market.

The agriculture regulator has announced the opening of an off-season export window to cater for crops that is ready for market but affected by the recent ban on harvesting.

This initiative is designed to permit air exports of avocados to key markets exclusively. The primary objective of this measure is to exercise control over the export of immature crops, addressing concerns raised by both China and Denmark.

During the previous offseason harvest, 70 percent of Kenyan avocado consignments were flagged by these countries for issues related to the maturity of the crops.

By implementing these packaging regulations and introducing the off-season export window, the Agriculture and Food Authority aims to enhance the overall quality and market acceptance of Kenyan avocados.

This approach seeks to address the concerns raised by key trading partners, ensuring that the export of avocados remains a lucrative and reliable venture for Kenyan farmers.