President William Ruto has charged 41 newly appointed diplomats with the responsibility of actively safeguarding and advancing the interests of Kenyans in their respective designated countries.

stressing their role in promoting Kenya as a prime investment destination, the Head of State encouraged the ambassadors to identify and explore new business opportunities for the Kenyan diaspora abroad.

President Ruto underscored the ambassadors’ duty to oversee the well-being of Kenyan citizens operating within the countries of their assignment.

During the meeting, which took place at State House Nairobi on Thursday, the President articulated his expectations, saying, “I expect that you will cultivate relations that foster the interests of the Republic of Kenya.”

The cohort of newly appointed diplomats comprises 27 ambassadors and high commissioners, two consul generals, and 12 deputy heads of mission.

President Ruto urged them to be decisive in their roles, stating that tough decisions should be made in good faith, and the prevailing “culture of blame game” must be halted.

Additionally, the President issued a stern directive to curb the wastage of public resources. President Ruto assured that the government would hold ambassadors accountable for the prudent use of funds allocated to embassies.

“As the ambassador, you are the agent of the government of Kenya to make sure public resources allocated to your embassies are used prudently,” he said.

Highlighting the extensive preparation undergone by the new envoys, President Ruto noted that they had undergone rigorous training at the Foreign Service Academy, under the State Department of Foreign Affairs.

This training occurred subsequent to their vetting and approval by the National Assembly. As they assume their diplomatic roles, President Ruto expressed confidence that the ambassadors would effectively represent Kenya’s interests on the global stage.