President William Ruto has called upon nations in the Global South to unite and collectively address global challenges.

He stressed the need for leveraging the democratic nature of multilateralism to advocate for substantial changes, urging these nations to actively safeguard their shared interests.

Highlighting issues impacting the Global South, President Ruto pointed to fiscal measures adopted by powerful economies, supply chain disruptions due to conflicts, and high interest rates leading to nations facing significant debt challenges.

He underscored that these global problems have contributed to widespread poverty and unemployment, with many struggling against a seemingly biased global order.

Speaking at the second Voice of Global South Summit conducted virtually on Friday, the President stressed the importance of collaborative efforts to empower the Global South for accelerated economic growth.

He envisioned this collaboration as a catalyst for steering the Global South into a prominent role in the upcoming phase of the Industrial Revolution.

The head of state expressed concern about the systematic marginalisation and exclusion of the Global South from effective participation and benefits in multilateral discourse.

He called for a departure from this trend, advocating for an economic renaissance of the Global South that has long been delayed.

Additionally, he urged Heads of State and Governments at the Summit to use the forthcoming COP28 to champion global climate action.

President Ruto stressed that business as usual is no longer acceptable, especially when the people of the Global South bear the brunt of extreme climate conditions for the economic actions of others.

The Summit saw the presence of leaders from the Global South, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India.